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Quality Services


We are the Human Element ​

Element Landscaping Company is a locally owned operated business that has been serving clients throughout Puerto Rico’s north and metropolitan area.Our founder started with the goal of bringing a more professional and trustworthy service to comercial clients. During the years, those goals have allowed our company to grow, reach new customers and helped our community.

Our Goals

  • Aim to secure long-term contracts by investing in long-term solutions for our clients


  • Continue to work proactively  not only in managing your grounds, but also by reacting to issues before they become a problem


  • Looking forward. We’re always looking for new ways to improve the way we work, and the way we deliver our services to the people that matter. It’s about evolving, and keeping pace with the business world, the environment, and most importantly of all, our clients’ needs


  • Backing it all up with unfaltering customer service

Why us ?

Our company stand for its name, every beautiful green space must be taken care of by the human hand and the human touch other wise it would not be in good shape.

When you deal with us, we keep things as simple, hassle-free  as possible. Many other grounds maintenance firms are actually owned by larger corporations, which means important decisions can take longer, as the decision process is slowed down.

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